Custom Engineering

Blue Line understands that different problems require unique solutions. Our customers are engaged in leading-edge scientific study, and they require optimum solutions to their application requirements. Just as each new telescope must be designed to excel in a given class of astronomical research, so too must its components be optimized to achieve a unique set of performance requirements.

Our rich technology base and highly specialized expertise are our best tools in providing our customers with customized solutions. Our small size enables us to respond quickly to clients' questions and concerns, and our focused team can execute on a project with minimal turnaround time. And our experience ensures that we don't need to start from scratch with each new customer. Rather, Blue Line generally seeks to tailor existing designs to meet new specifications.

We involve our customers in the earliest stages of design, since each case requires a number of parameters that must be balanced to achieve the best solution. We work with our customers to determine the tradeoffs among various combinations of factors. We consider mass, power dissipation, cost, range, resolution, accuracy, ease of use and installation, range of environmental conditions, bandwidth, sample rate, system size, and level of system integration. By properly balancing these parameters for a given application, Blue Line achieves a solution that is in complete harmony with the design.

We can apply our experience to applications of all types. Each of our projects is executed with the same focus on customer satisfaction and close attention to detail. And we welcome new challenges, whether we're improving an existing product or developing an entirely new system application.

From the first concept sketches to final installation and implementation, Blue Line will make sure you get the results you need and the quality service you deserve.

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