Industrial Eddy Current Sensor System - DDS 600 Series

Blue Line's DDS 600 Systems provide an answer to the need for affordable precision measurement tools in industrial settings. Our differential displacement systems are designed to produce reliable position measurements with sub-nanometer resolution possible in many configurations, even under the stresses of industrial applications. Systems consist of a standardized electronics module and a choice of standard or customized sensor heads. Please note that specifications are based on lab-controlled tests of standard configurations. Changes in configuration will result in variations in some performance categories. Please contact us to discuss your intended application, performance specifications, or to inquire about modifications or customized designs.

DDS 600 Sensor Configurations
DDS Printed Circuit Head

Sensor Diameter: 0.6"/1.5 cm

Cable Length: 60"/1.52 m

Click to view sensor body dimensions (PDF File)

DDS Straight Body (Standard Model)

Coil Diameter: 0.186"/0.47 cm

Cable Length: 60"/1.5 m

Click to view sensor body dimensions (PDF File)

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