Differential Inductive Edge Sensors

Edge Sensor - PC CoilEdge sensors using the inductive shear sensing technology developed by Blue Line are an excellent solution to the problem of segment alignment on large segmented mirror telescopes such as HET, SALT, GTC, LAMOST, CELT and a host of new telescopes now being designed with apertures ranging from 10 to 100 meters. Blue Line's edge sensors are insensitive to dust, condensation, relative humidity, and dielectric changes. And even with relatively simple signal conditioning electronics, they are capable of sub-nanometer resolution with very high dynamic range.

Blue Line's differential edge sensors significantly reduce or eliminate error terms due to common mode effects, including changes in gap and temperature. The geometric arrangement of our edge sensors takes measurements of edge mismatch in the gap much closer to the mirror surface than other designs. Since measurements are taken in the shear plane, Abbé error terms can be eliminated.

Our sensor coils can be deposited in thin fEdge Sensor - Kapton substrateilms of Kapton or other substrate material, which may then be bonded to the edge of the mirror segment for an extremely low mass installation. The size of the coil may also be scaled up or down depending on the operational requirements of a given application. This geometric scaling property of the inductive edge sensor technology is one of the many tools available to the designer in optimizing a sensor for a given application.

One final advantage of the inductive edge sensor technology is that the technology is very well understood at Blue Line. Unique insight into the effects of the many parametric variables allows Blue Line to optimize performance for a given application and achieve an elegantly simple, low cost, low mass, and low power solution to your particular needs. To find out how our edge sensors can improve your application, please contact us.

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