Inductive Eddy Current Technology

Blue Line's sensing technologies have been developed to produce highly accurate position measurements on an extremely fine scale. Our SFQ and industrial-grade DDS sensors utilize inductive eddy current technology to measure displacement along an axis. A reference coil located at the tip of a sensor induces an oscillating magnetic field in the sensor's target. Any change in distance between the sensor's reference coil and its target results in disruptions in the magnetic field. Differential sensing units monitor these fluctuations using two sensors positioned on opposite sides or ends of a target. Any movement of the target is registered by both sensors--that is, as the target moves away from one sensor, it moves equally toward the other. The two sensors thus constitute opposing sides of a balanced bridge circuit. As impedance on one side of the bridge increases, it decreases on the other. This structure provides for excellent linearity and thermal stability, so output accurately records even the tiniest incremental movements along a linear axis.
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