Blue Line Company History

Blue Line Engineering is a small corporation that has been operating at the base of Pike's Peak in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado since June, 1994. In the years since its founding, Blue Line's work has built upon its founder's expertise in research relating to segmented adaptive optics.

Many of our past projects have been carried out to support NASA missions. The work we've conducted in those areas has led to significant developments in a broad range of technologies across several markets, including commercial, governmental, and institutional research laboratories, as well as markets related to precision optics research and astronomy.

Recent NASA initiatives that have made use of Blue Line's innovations include:

  • Active Segmented Mirror Technology Development
  • Superconducting Non-contact Actuators
  • Fully Active Segmented Telescope (FAST)
  • Levitated Segmented Mirror Array
  • A.I.-based Self-Correcting, Self-Reporting Edge Sensors
  • Hobby Eberly Telescope (HET)

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