Blue Line Engineering has your solution.

Blue Line's non-contact sensor technologies are geared toward a variety of applications and industries. Whether you seek a high-quality off-the-shelf solution or a complete integrated system design, Blue Line sensors and measurement systems can meet your needs. The information below describes our broad range of capabilities.
High-Precision Sensing Systems All of Blue Line's non-contact differential displacement sensors provide reliable outputs on an extremely fine scale. Our systems are resistant to a wide variety of environmental changes and contaminants, as well. In space telescopes or on the factory floor, Blue Line sensing systems produce consistent high-precision, low-noise measurements.
Components to Full Systems Blue Line can assist you with any portion of your system, whether you need a network of sensor heads, an actuator design to accompany pre-existing sensor models, or a complete system design or overhaul.
Varied Specification Levels Our products are available under both industrial-grade and space flight qualified specification levels, so you can choose the level of pre-delivery testing that is most appropriate for your application.
Sofware Development Blue Line also produces custom software to direct sensor output in closed-loop systems. Our in-house staff can work with your system designers to ensure that system performance meets all requirements.
Digital Processing Systems We can integrate into our systems embedded microcontrollers, digital signal processors, or field programmable gate arrays for enhancing sensor output and implementing sophisticated correction algorithms.
Field Installation and Maintenance Blue Line is available to assist with field installation, implementation, and regular or as-needed maintenance programs for components and systems.

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