Differential Positioning and Measuring Products

Blue Line's differential positioning and measuring systems and electronics are available in a variety of specification levels and packages. In addition to our custom differential position sensors, we have engineered a variety of positioning and measurement products that are now available off the shelf with standardized specifications. Please click on the descriptions below to view the options available under each product category, or to access more information on a product's applications and technology.
Differential Displacement Sensors

Our space flight qualified differential sensors have been pre-certified and extensively tested. They are available in standard off-the-shelf configurations but can be reconfigured to meet precise mission specifications. Sensors are shipped with extensive test history documentation.

Blue Line's new line of industrial-grade differential measurement systems is designed to withstand the stresses of manufacturing and R&D environments. Choose from several standard sensor heads and electronics configurations.

We offer a wide variety of edge sensors for platform applications, figure maintenance, and surface stabilization. Sensor heads are available in several designs, and electronics can be configured to meet the requirements of your application. Space flight qualified edge sensors are also available.

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Active Figure Maintenance Systems

Now in development! Blue Line is currently developing a new generation of 1-meter deployable segmented mirror telescopes. At 1/8th the size of the James Webb Space Telescope, our Fully Active Segmented Telescope features deployable primary mirror petals and secondary tower, a hexapod mounted secondary, hybrid coarse-fine petal actuators, wavefront sensor and image stabilization, and many other features. FAST will prove to be of interest to researchers in many disciplines, providing a low-cost, high-resolution solution for both terrestrial and space-based telescope applications.

Blue Line provides custom solutions for mirror alignment systems. Our SAMS systems incorporate specialized actuator development, high-resolution edge sensors, and powerful closed-loop feedback programming for actuator commands. SAMS solutions can drastically improve measurements, reduce setup and stacking time, and increase efficiency--in short, Blue Line's SAMS systems allow you to spend more time on active science while ensuring more accurate data collection.

Actuator Designs
Blue Line is available to develop actuator designs for optical control systems and other applications. We are familiar with voice coil, precision lead screw, and self-sensing bimorphic designs. Click here to learn more about our actuator designs.
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